What Is Emotional Dentistry and How Can It Help Patients?

What Is Emotional Dentistry and How Can It Help Patients?

People with beautiful smiles often have the confidence to go along with it. On the other hand, missing teeth and gum disease can cause people to withdraw and avoid smiling. To reach your patients on a profound level, consider showing them what their finished smile could look like. At Smile Dental Supply, we offer dental lab supplies for sale that let you do just that.

What Is Emotional Dentistry?

Emotional dentistry uses digital photos and mockups to help patients visualize their new smiles. They can try different options to find the one that best suits their look. This process helps patients experience the emotional impact of a beautiful smile and commit to a treatment plan.

Impact of Technology on Emotional Dental Care

New and emerging technologies make it easier than ever to show your patients how proactive dental work can give them a beautiful smile. Emotional dentistry involves placing your client in front of the camera and using technology to superimpose a new smile on top of their natural teeth.

The following technology makes it easier than ever to treat patients to a smile makeover:

  • Laser technology: Lasers assists with everything from killing bacteria to filling cavities.
  • 3D printing: 3D will revolutionize dentistry. Printing veneers, crowns, and other prosthetics may soon become a reality.
  • Virtual cameras and software: AI and other technology make it possible for dentists to take photos of patients' smiles and add available treatment options.

Many people experience an emotional connection to the possibilities and look forward to the confidence and empowerment that comes with a brilliant smile.


    Adopting Emotional Dentistry in Your Practice

    Emotional dentistry is an art form. You can compare it to the skill of an architect or sculptor. Dentists who consider the whole person, not just the mouth, produce treatment plans based on proportion and symmetry. They develop a sense of what looks natural versus jarring and artificial.

    While the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, emotional dentistry starts with the energy dental practitioners bring to the process. Whether you just opened your clinic or have practiced for many years, there are a host of considerations that come with running your own office. So, why not take advantage of tools that make beneficial services an easy sell for patients?

    Contact Smile Dental Supply to find out more about the dental accessories we have for sale to transform your office into a virtual studio where patients can say yes to the smile!

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