What Are the Benefits of Laser Technology for the Dental Industry?

What Are the Benefits of Laser Technology for the Dental Industry?

Dental laser technology now encompasses both hard and soft applications to provide significantly improved treatment of the following:

  • Preparing cavities for fillings
  • Preventing dental caries
  • Reducing enamel discoloration (bleaching)
  • Improving and accelerating healing
  • Removing diseased or excess gum tissue
  • Assisting in the removal of impacted wisdom teeth

In addition, dental laser devices allow dentists to perform noninvasive treatment of cancer, herpes and other oral malignancies.

4 Great Benefits of Dental Laser Technology

Using a variety of lasers such as the carbon dioxide, neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd: YAG), erbium and diode lasers, dentists can now offer the following benefits to their patients:

Reduce Dental Anxiety in Patients of All Ages

Cleaning cavities, prepping for cosmetic dentistry and polishing enamel are a few common uses of a dental drill. Unfortunately, just the sound of a dental drill frightens many patients. Consequently, they eventually stop visiting their dentist for necessary treatments, as fear of pain can keep many away from even routine checkups. As an alternative, dental lasers use light energy of different wavelengths to dissolve gum tissue, decay and stains. Since lasers don't need motors to spin a drill, they operate almost noiselessly.

Less Need for Anesthesia

Dental lasers like the Nd:YAG emit light energy that is partially absorbed by oral tissue pigments. Light energy works to dissolve tissue without causing pain or bleeding. Prior to dental laser technology, patients undergoing gum debridement or cleaning of periodontal pocket infection required novocaine shots to numb the mouth. However, once the numbness wore off, they were left with pain and soreness lasting several days. With dental lasers, dentists can perform a variety of soft and hard tissue treatments without patients enduring long-term discomfort or painful shots.

Shorter Healing Times

Without the need for incisions or sutures, dental lasers help expedite the healing of teeth and tissues after treatment. In addition, the precision of dental lasers prevents healthy tissue from being impacted by treatment. During invasive dental procedures with surgical cutting tools, the trauma to surrounding tissues caused by incisions contributes to more bleeding and longer healing times.

Complements Cosmetic Dentistry Applications

Laser dentistry integrates seamlessly with cosmetic dentistry products and procedures by reducing cold sores, reshaping gumlines, whitening teeth and lengthening crowns. Thanks to these upgrades in laser technology, giving patients a radiant, long-lasting smile is an easier task and one that will often make their experience more worthwhile as well.

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