Billing Terms and Conditions

Smile Dental Supply takes the payments and the treatment of personal information very seriously, with the aim of ensuring you that your financial information will not be used, sent or sold to third parties for any kind of purpose not related to Smile Dental Supply and its own business area and interest. To protect your privacy in the best possible way, we provides this notice in order to explain to all our customers and subscribers. Read the document in all its sections in order to understand our online information practices, how we manage your information and the payments. The information written in this page are related to the Smile Dental Supply’s payment methods are valid just for Smile Dental Supply official website:

By buying one or more items on Smile Dental Supply website at you acknowledge and agree that you accept the practices and policies outlined in this policy.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us via mail or send us a message in our live chat. One of ours operator will get back to you as soon as possible.


Smile Dental Supply does not take care personally of the money transaction. Smile Dental Supply has entrusted the service related to the payment to a third part. This is done to offer a better service, with of all the features that this dedicated operation requires. It has been done to guarantee a safe and professional service in the respect of all the quality standards that the market request.

To read more about Shopify QuickBooks Payments and PayPal security please visit their websites.


  1. PayPal is one of the leaders in the field of electronic payment for ecommerce. Their mission is to create the best possible payment service in order to ensure what customers really need: security, reliability and dynamism.
  2. QuickBooks: With Intuit QuickBooks Payments, you can securely pay using your credit and debit cards.


You have to pay just when you complete the check-out procedure. Once you are sure that you want to order one or more of our items, and you have added it/them to your shopping cart. After that access to the shopping cart and click on the check-out button. You must fill the module with your personal information, which kind of payment method you want to use and the details of your credit card. The process could takes few seconds so during the operation do not close or refresh your browser to avoid to invalidate the process.


The payment information of your credit/debit card are necessary just for the money transaction during the payment procedure. It takes place through a secured server and no one will ever access to your payment information. Smile Dental Supply do not have access to and do not store the information related to your credit card.


Our payment method is entrusted to one of the leader in the field. The choice has been done after a careful evaluation and PayPal and QuickBooks are definitely the most trustworthy and reliable partners.  


Smile Dental Supply payment method is smartphone friendly so you can have easily access to Smile Dental Supply services everywhere and whenever you want even from your mobile.


The most popular and professional payment method are accepted both credit or debit card. We also accept payment through PayPal.


Smile Dental Supply reserve the right to modify this payment policy at any time, so please review it frequently. If Smile Dental Supply makes changes to this payment policy, we will post the revised payment policy here.