How to Choose the Right Dental Air Polisher for Your Clinic

How to Choose the Right Dental Air Polisher for Your Clinic

Thorough cleaning and polishing during prophylaxis appointments is vital to helping patients maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. With this in mind, it's important to keep up with technology to give them the best care possible, which is why many hygienists and dentists have switched from using traditional polishing methods to dental air polishing at prophy appointments. But what goes into high-quality air polishing tools, and where can you find the top supplies?

Air Polishing Technology Has Improved

Although air polishing technology has been around for a while, some dental professionals have been hesitant to use it due to the amount of abrasion that can occur. Both traditional slurry polishing methods and air polishing remove stains, plaque, and bacteria. Yet, air polishing enables hygienists to remove stains and plaque faster with more access to fissures and pits in the teeth. Air polishing technology has advanced in recent years, and today you can find dental air polishers that cause less abrasion while maintaining effectiveness.

How Do Dental Air Polishers Work?

Air polishers expel water and sodium bicarbonate powder at high pressures, with some air polishers also using a non-sodium powder. These suspended abrasive particles within the water cause erosion of dental stain and plaque, making your patients’ smiles look whiter and feel cleaner.

Benefits of Using a Dental Air Polisher for Prophylaxis

Although air polishers tend to be messy, they're great for:

  • Efficiency and speed, which leads to shorter prophylaxis appointments
  • Improved dental aesthetics (teeth that appear whiter)
  • Effective elimination of bacterial plaque and tartar
  • Minimal wear on tooth enamel
  • Less noisy than traditional polishing methods
  • Calming inflammation of gums
  • Cleaning areas that are difficult to reach
  • Easier access to periodontal pockets, which leads to reduced subgingival biofilms
  • Effective cleaning of braces, brackets, and fixed retainers

The decision to use air polishing should be made based on a patient's unique needs. Whether you're already using dental air polishers in your clinic or you're thinking of giving them a try, knowing the benefits and potential drawbacks can help you make an informed decision that meets your specific needs.

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