JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrushes Set with 6 Brush Heads and a Travel Case

JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrushes Set with 6 Brush Heads and a Travel Case

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An incredibly powerful 40,000 VPM Maglev motor delivers a complete and thorough clean, makes felt like you just came from the dentist – more than just cleaning your teeth. Use Refresh mode at the end of brushing to dissolve surface stains. Use the Massage mode to deliver gently stimulates into the gum tissue to improve circulation and tissue function.

Thanks to our professional healthcare experts and R&D staff, our products are well received by customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan.


Prevents tooth decay and improves oral health with 40,000 sonic cleaning per minute, the bristles also moves while vibrating. 10x more effective than a manual toothbrush, 5x more cleaning power than eccentric motor electric toothbrushes, sonic movement gives a gentle and enamel-protecting effect than rotating toothbrush, so can be safely used with braces and other orthodontics.

Whiter teeth and healthier gums mean a more beautiful smile. The electric toothbrush whitens your teeth and improves your oral health in two weeks.


A single charge with wireless charging base can work 60 days. The base can hold the toothbrush to stand, saving space and not easy to fall. USB cable no need connect the toothbrush directly. Base inductive charging is more convenient, safe and waterproof than the direct USB charging toothbrush.

There are multiple charging ways: USB wall adapter, phone charger, power bank or other USB ports like laptop, car charger.


The electric toothbrush with sonic technology does a phenomenal job of cleaning your teeth, and the fine bristles make it easy to navigate around your teeth to remove plaque and experience a deep, effective clean.

  • 6 high-quality DuPont nylon replacement brush heads with 1.5 years of use, avoid paying hundreds of dollars more for expensive brush head refill.
  • 1 travel case that holds the toothbrush handle and 2 brush heads is great especially for traveling and well protecting your electric toothbrush.


Maglev Motor is adopted to concentrated sonic vibration on the brush head for effective cleaning, small handle vibration and low noise. We are confident that you will have a pleasant brushing experience with this new P200 adult and teen toothbrush.

More About This:

  • The electric toothbrush for adults 2022 upgraded to 40,000 ultrasonic movements/min to drive fluid deep between your teeth and along the gum line for exceptional cleaning and removing up to 10x more plaque vs a manual toothbrush.
  • 5 brushing settings to fit different requirement of teeth or gums, Clean (regular brushing), Sensitive (soft), Refresh (strong invert frequency), Message (gentle invert frequency), and White (strong), toothbrush has sonic whitening technology.
  • This electronic tooth brush with built-in standard 2-minute smart timer and 30-second pause reminding you proceed to the next quadrant, helps you to develop good brushing habits, which is a correct brushing way highly recommended by professional dentists.
  • Long battery life with battery light indicator, a single charge lasts for two months use. Wireless base induction charging, USB cable no need connect the toothbrush directly, it’s safe and better waterproof.
  • 6 high-quality DuPont nylon replacement brush heads for 1.5 years use, avoid ordering new replacement brush heads frequently. Replace the brush head every 3 months to ensure your brush head is always effective.
  • Come with a travel case that holds the toothbrush handle and 2 brush heads is great especially for traveling, neatly in it to protect toothbrush while it’s in your carry on luggage.
  • Item Includes 1 rechargeable power toothbrush handle, 6 optimal plaque control brush head with dust cover, 1 travel case, 1 USB charging base (wall adapter not included).
  • We are currently upgrading the packaging. Therefore, the package you receive may be different from the image. In the new package, 6 green bristles are replaced by 3 green bristles and 3 gray bristles. Please rest assured that the quality of toothbrushes in new and old packages is exactly the same.