Super Hydrophilic VPS Putty Material - Fast & Regular Set

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Super Hydrophilic VPS Putty Material - Fast & Regular Set

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Super Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Putty Material

Contains 2x jars 300 ml each of base & catalyst (600ml total)


  • Super Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Putty Material (VPS) in fast and regular set
  • The excellent tear strength allows the material to maintain "impression" integrity upon removal and precise impressions no matter what technique you use.
  • Exceeds ISO 4380 standard which will help eliminate retakes.

“Works Better” The same benefits as our cartridge delivery VPS material in a hand mix option.

“Lasts Longer” Technique sensitive to provide the results that you depend upon.

“Costs Less” The most economical way to use VPS material.

Instructions for use:

1.) Dispense equal amounts of base and catalyst putty with the color-coded scoops provided. 

2.) Incorporate the two components by hand kneading until uniform color is achieved. This should be accomplished in 45 seconds or less.

3.) Place mixed putty into the pre-selected and adhesive coated tray. Insert into position in the mouth. Poly-Ethylene spacer can be used to create space if desired. Working time is 2 minutes for regular set, 1 minute for fast set- The impression should be held passively in position until set.

4.) When set, 4 minutes regular set or 3 minutes fast set from beginning of mix time, the impression should be removed without any rocking motion. The ADA recommends that putty impressions not be used as a final impression.

5.) A space must be created for the final wash and this can be done by removing all interproximal material as well as at least 1mm of cured putty completely around all preparations and adjacent teeth. A vulcanite bur is ideal for cutting putty and creating the necessary space.

6.) The primary impression that has been relieved is now ready for the final wash that will be the final impression. 

VP-8006- Regular Set
VP-8008- Fast Set

Intended Use/Discipline: Biological Laboratory, Cosmetology, Dental Laboratory, Dentistry, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Endodontics, Orthodontics