MARK3 Topical Anesthetic Gel 1oz Jar


MARK3 Topical Anesthetic Gel 1oz Jar

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Topical Anesthetic Gel 1oz Jar


  • Fast acting Topical Anesthetic.
  • Used to comfort patients with ulcers, wounds and other minor mouth irritations 
  • Eliminates the gag reflex when performing radiographs, periodontal, and prosthetic impressions.
  • Improved flavor - results is patient salivating less therefore the effects of the topical last longer.
  • Thicker, smoother consistency make it easier to apply
Fast,effective 20% benzocaine topical anesthetic gel with no bitter aftertaste. Use for temporary pain relief during procedures, such as local anesthetic injection, periodontal curettage, impression taking, and radiographs.

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