Alginate Substitute Fast Set - MARK3

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Alginate Substitute Fast Set - MARK3

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MARK3 Dental VPS Bite Registration Material Alginate Fast Set 8x 50ml Cartridges

Package includes: 
Eight (8) - 50ml Cartridges Fast Set

  • Its a fluffy material with mousse-like consistency utilized for conventional bite registration. 
  • You can depend on it for its remarkably accurate results.
  • It will not slump nor distort and finish with a plaster-like hardness

Used for dental impressions, orthodontic models, case study model impressions, opposing models, removable retainers and splints, simple removable dentures, provisional crown and bridge.
  • Pre-mixed cartridges
  • No mess
  • Saves time
  • Excellent dimensional stability decreases distortions
  • Pleasant mint flavor
  • Cost effective alternative