Optibond Solo Plus 5ml bottle

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Optibond Solo Plus 5ml bottle

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Optibond Solo Plus 5ml bottle

15% filled, Single-component, Light-cure adhesive.
For direct and indirect applications. 
Ultimate in convenience, protection and strength.

OptiBond® Solo Plus™ is a single-component dental adhesive designed for both direct and indirect bonding applications. It is 15% filled with the same 0.4 micron filler found in the Kerr Point 4 composite. The filler not only reinforces the hybrid zone but also penetrates the dentin tubules, creating a true "structured bond" not found in unfilled or even "nano" filled dental adhesive systems. This unique dental bonding technology provides the highest level of protection against microleakage, while sustaining high bond strengths to a variety of surfaces.

5ml bottle.

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Manufacturer : Kerr