Element Temporary Crown And Bridge Material (10:1) W/15 Mixing Tips

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Element Temporary Crown And Bridge Material (10:1) W/15 Mixing Tips

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Due to its superior formulation and no-mess, no-mix dispensing system, Element Temp C&B is the easiest way to go from gun to matrix to mouth.  Element Temp C&B creates a highly esthetic temporary, with reliable strength and durability.

Element Temp C&B (AUTOMIX 10:1) is free of methyl methacrylate.  Its temperature obtained while curing is less than 104° F (40° C).  As a temporary crown or bridge it protects the prepared teeth against external influences and preserves the occlusion.  It shows excellent transverse strength, good abrasion resistance and low polymerization shrinkage.  It fits and looks perfect. Showing good polishability, good color stability and fluorescence.  Trimming of the temporary restoration can be done after 6 minutes (with setting done at room temperature).

Features and Benefits:

  • Low shrinkage results
  • Excellent marginal adaptation
  • For multi-unit, long span bridges

Element Temp C&B is available in an Automix system with 4 different lifelike shades (A1, A2, A3, an B1) in a 76gm cartridge.

  • 50 ml (76g) Cartridge + 15 Tips