BreathMD Tonsil Rinse & Stainless Steel Toolkit

BreathMD Tonsil Rinse & Stainless Steel Toolkit

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BreathMD Tonsil Rinse is dentist formulated to help in the prevention and elimination of tonsil stones.  Made with natural ingredients, BreathMD Tonsil Rinse provides antimicrobial activity for up to 8 hours and does not contain alcohol, artificial colors, artificial flavors, gluten or parabens.  In addition to reducing the formation of tonsil stones, BreathMD Tonsil Rinse reduces oral bacteria levels helping soothe tonsils and fight the cause of bad breath.

BreathMD Stainless Steel Tonsil Toolkit is a comprehensive toolkit ideal for removing those annoying tonsil stones. The toolkit contains four (4) six (6) inch extractor tools, one (1) six (6) inch tweezer, and one (1) blunt tip irrigation syringe.  Each tool is made from medical grade stainless steel and can be easily sterilized with alcohol after each use.  The irrigation syringe can be used with BreathMD Tonsil Rinse to effectively clean and soothe irritated tonsils helping minimize the formation of new stones.

  • Wondermint (Rinse) & Medical grade stainless steel (tools)
  • Package: Bottle (17 fl oz.) & Tube
  • Tube Contents: 5 stainless steel tools and 1 irrigation syringe