Glass Ionomers from Smile Dental

Glass ionomers and related products are available to maximize the value of your dental practice. These discount smile Dental Supplies protect tooth enamel, providing an effective seal that protects tooth enamel and prevents cavities. The cement acts as a sealant for pits and fissures in a tooth surface.

We offer Fuji IX Capsules with a packable glass ionomer that offers a chemical bond, and which releases fluoride to provide continued protection. A light-cured glass ionomer, Fuji LC Capsules are water-resistant. These can be finished in 15 minutes, and they exhibit high tear and bond strength for a lasting solution.

Our range of dental supplies online also include the Ketac Cem Mexicap, a cement in capsule-form for single units, and Ketac-Fil, a restorative, fluoride-release product. Requiring minimal preparation, these wholesale dental supplies are sold in a choice of shades.

PRoGlass Nine, a condensable restorative cement, is available as a powder/liquid, in packages of 50 capsules or a kit—high translucency contributes to the material’s esthetics. Our dentist supply portal, therefore, offers flexible options for both busy practices and patients who benefit from the most versatile choices of the dental market.

The Aplicap Capsule Activator and Applier bring glass ionomer capsules to an active state before mixing. Simplifying application of Aplicap capsules, these are dental supplies wholesale customers depend on for precise patient care. Our catalog of online dental supplies includes GC’s Capsules Applier, an ergonomic device that affords fatigue-free handling, precision, and easy cleaning. 

Glass Ionomers

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